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Get in on the ground floor of a social change movement for delivering sound education curriculum to people and communities being affected by fires that could be prevented. The more impact we can make together, the more we grow, the more problems solved.

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Together in the Endeavor to Eliminate Preventable Fires

Duncan Rydall

Chief Fire Prevention Officer

As a whole we all need to take fire and life safety education far more seriously! One in four persons will at some time experience a fire in their home. Education is key and the FireED Interactive System is the right toolkit to get the job done. A firefighter wouldn't battle a fire without the right safety clothing and tools and equipment. Having access to cutting edge interactive tools to educate the public will help get the job done right if we utilize FireED!

Scott Privee

President of Unique Fire Safety Ltd

The FireED Community bridges the gap between those who need training and knowledge, and those who can provide it. This is how public safety experts can collaborate with stakeholders on further development, stronger supply chains and distribution. Thanks to this combined effort, FireED will make a much needed difference in people's lives. There is no greater cause than Saving Lives, Injuries & Property loss; I believe the Community Safety Facilitator is the change we want to see.

Rita Paine

Fire and Life Safety Educator and Trainer

Teaching tools used to help children learn should be engaging, interactive, easy to use and maintain. It’s a bonus for it to be applicable to all ages, usable in a variety of settings, and be easily presented by firefighters, prevention personnel or teachers. When I find a tool that meets all these criteria, price becomes secondary. The FireED System certainly meets my expectations. Justifying the purchase of this resource is easy, whether it’s to your fire chief, community partners, or private funding agencies.

Lindsay Benard

Corporate Coach for Dale Carnegie BC

The socially responsible people of the FireED Community are in the pursuit of eliminating preventable fires; a cause we should all care about. This is inspirational and life changing work! When we are able to connect to a cause that is about something greater than ourselves, when we realize as individuals we can change the world, then we have indeed found our real sense of connection. I am fascinated by this movement as well as inspired to support this mission to change the world one leader at a time through our connection to FireED.

William Sparling

Canadian Armed Forces Veteran

The FireED Community Safety Facilitator offers a new and exciting method of providing vital and inclusive public safety education in our multicultural society, from children through to seniors – including the special needs community. Too often important information and lessons are assumed but never properly given, leaving our most vulnerable citizens exposed to risks that could otherwise be safely managed. This resource provides the necessary education for civilians to contribute in our communities regardless of what comes.

Erik Vogel

Assistant Fire Chief (ret.)

Fire department public education programs are seriously lacking! A stark reality is that there are about 5-10 new attendees in Burn Camp each year. This shows that fire injury and fatalities stats are increasing – not declining. Proving FireED Community Safety Facilitators are the stakeholders every community needs. They are dedicated professionals with sustainable life safety tools including critical skills training for all ages.

Tyrone Heigh

Assistant Fire Chief (retired)

The FireED Community Safety Facilitator training gives a consistent message which is of utmost importance when educating the public. This is an outstanding resource that I personally consulted on through its development. Now my own fire dept has it available to share. As a flexible and adjustable system, FireED can be tailored to any age group and used by trained facilitators in daycares, preschools, community centres, and libraries. 

Bob Brotchie

Business owner and former paramedic

Public education has been a large part of my life as the paramedic who created the 'In Case of Emergency' (ICE) program. Now, I try to engender a legacy around our youngest generation, aspiring for them to be more 'mindful' and at peace with themselves so they can contribute to community by way of empowered choices, rather than the 'should's' of life. FireED sits perfectly in its responsible role, engendering of this and future generations, the right thing to do for safety awareness, and as a meaningful contribution to society.

Pascal Rodier

Paramedic Chief (ret.), Public Safety Leader

Every tragedy in our life is preventable! Though people must be taught to identify hazards, and reduce risks that cause harm to themselves and others. The FireED Community of professionals share a passion to improve public safety by implementing sound education initiatives. I believe more lives will be saved in those communities that are equipped with tools like the FireED Interactive System.

Michael Benner

Author of Fearless Intelligence - The Extraordinary Wisdom of Awareness

Until parents and educators teach children to replace emotionally driven, reflexive reactions with calm, measured responses, specialized training like FireED is necessary. In my experience civil servants, whose job it is to educate the public, are some of the most resistant humans to change when change is perceived to be encouraged by civilian consultants who live and work outside of their tightly bonded platoons. This mindset needs to change in order to embrace new systems meant to improve public safety education initiatives in our country.